Blue Moss Arts

It all began while walking our dogs through our usual wooded paths.  In  August of 2011, after Hurricane Irene came up the coast with so much moisture, she left us a special spectacle which began to reveal itself on the forrest floor.  We were amazed by the yellow, purple, lavender, orange, dotted, brilliant red, soft peach, tan, black, and white mushrooms that began to appear in so many places, in so many forms.   We had no choice but to capture Nature’s unique display. Stories were being told with each passing and someone needed to listen to them.  With the help of fairies, gnomes, elves and the wooden animal kingdom we set forth to record this brief moment in history, so that it might be shared with others. It made us laugh and wonder, as we hope it does for you!

          Whimsical Nature Images from the Maine Woods